At Bhat Internal Medicine we have two board certified internists. They are Muralikrishna Bhat, and Sheela Bhat, a husband and wife team. If you live in southern Arizona and if you need a good primary care doctor, here are the reasons why you should pick BIM for your medical care. Our doctors come from diverse background with great deal of experience in diagnosing and treating complex medical conditions. They are board certified in internal medicine. They actively participate in maintenance of certification program conducted by the American Board of Internal Medicine and stay up to date with current development in the medical field. They also read medical journals and attend continued medical education courses regularly.

At BIM, You get to see the same doctor who will be following you in the long run. You are not thrown around between various doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, students and residents, etc. you have your own dedicated doctor, an MD, all the time, all along. You practically get concierge level of care without its price tag. This is what sets us apart from the rest.

We take great pride in our exceptional ability to manage chronic and complex medical conditions. We do however know our limitation and we know when exactly to refer you out to a specialist. Over the years, we have developed a network of quality specialists that we have been closely working with. When we think you need the specialist’s service quickly, we have the ability to get you seen right away.

At BIM, we do not compromise on quality. We believe our patients deserve the best. We use top of the line electronic health record and practice management systems. This allows us to use the most advanced medical technology at the point of care to complement our doctors’ superior professional knowledge and skills and to prevent medical errors. All our prescriptions go out electronic. We do offer a state of the art patient portal at no cost to you. Our patient portal gives you access to your personal electronic health record from the convenience of your personal computer or mobile device. You have direct access to our doctor one on one via secure email. Our medical records are completely electronic. We use highest standard encryption technology in the industry to safeguard your personal and financial data. We regularly conduct our security risks analysis and take steps to mitigate any security risks that may prop up from time to time.

Our doctors had worked as hospitalists in most hospitals in the locality such as TMC, St Joseph’s, Kindred, Corner Stone, and Health South. Therefore they are well connected and have good reputation among the hospital doctors, specialists, nurses and case managers alike. Because of this we are able to collaborate with the hospital physicians and staff for your better outcome when you are hospitalized. This clearly sets us apart from the rest.

We keep an open line of communication when our beloved patients get sick and get hospitalized. This is when they are most vulnerable. We place great emphasis to follow through with our patients’ hospitalization and especially their transition to community and back to our care. We track our patients from the day they are admitted to the hospital. We have put a system in place where we call them as soon as we learn they are discharged from the hospital. We accommodate them to be seen in the office within a day or two to make sure they are on the right track. This is what sets us apart from the rest.

Hospitals are under great pressure to discharge patients quickly to cut down cost of care and in turn improve their bottom line. Some of these patients may not be ready for discharge and can potentially have bad outcome. We work very hard to be on your side and be your safety net at this critical juncture.

Unlike other large medical practices with ten, fifty or hundred plus providers, which are the norm these days, we are not a franchise. We are independently owned and operated two provider practice. In a large practice you often get the feeling that you are a stranger there. Messages that you left there don’t get addressed. You encounter ton of bureaucracy and paperwork, little gets done. You run in to walls, you get these “Sir, this is our policy”. Not in our practice. We have the ability and willingness to work with people. When you come to our practice, you feel you are special. When you call our office you get a friendly live person answer your call every time. We don’t have you deal with the automated answering machine greeting you and giving you all the menu options to route your call to the right department. We know you deserve better. Everyone in our practice knows you and we call you by your first name. You are never treated as a stranger, just a number or an insurance tag. When one of our patients run in to an off hour emergency and they or the emergency room doctor calls us needing critical piece of information or advice, you can rest assured that it is Dr. Bhat that will answer the phone call 99 percent of the time and they will know you inside out and have the critical piece of information in fingertips. They have access to your complete health record with a few mouse clicks which can be made available to the emergency room just in a few minutes. That is what distinguishes us from the rest.

At BIM you are more than a patient for us, we consider you as our partner. Your success is our success. Our partnership begins when you first call or go to our patient portal and make a new patient appointment.

As much as your health and wellbeing, your comfort and complete satisfaction is also very important to us. A very large majority of our patients came to us because of referral from our satisfied patient partners. Our patient partners are our biggest asset. If you are not completely satisfied we like to know why. We love your feedback. We are always looking for ways to serve you better. We strive to provide the best possible medical care in the most cost effective way. With the help of our dedicated staff and our satisfied patient partners, our goal is to stay competitive to remain a successful and profitable medical practice and wellness center.

Our Doctors

Muralikrishna Bhat, MD

Dr. Bhat is a very seasoned internist with over 20 years of practice experience in a variety of clinical settings. He is very passionate about providing a quality medical care in a comprehensive manner using his medical expertise and present day technology. Murali, as his family and friends call him, born in 1965 in a beautiful rural South Indian community with lush greenery and coconut groves, spent his childhood in his native village Thodikana which is located in the foothills of gorgeous Western Ghats (mountains). Growing up in the village, his uncle was their family physician and was the only physician for the entire community then. Dr. Bhat took after his uncle and decided to become a doctor himself. He completed his medical education in 1990 at Dr. B R Ambedkar Medical College in Bangalore and received medical degree from Bangalore University.

In 1994 he met Sheela, a young physician and they got married. They both were interested in pursuing their career in internal medicine and wanted to practice high quality medicine in United States. They moved to New York in 1995. Dr. Bhat completed his residency training in internal medicine in 1998 from the prestigious Long Island College hospital New York. He has maintained his internal medicine board certification ever since. He worked at the Long Island College Hospital emergency department for a year. Dr. Bhat worked as an attending with faculty position at St. Barnabas Hospital, Bronx, New York for couple of years. He practiced primary care in Olean, a town in western New York for couple of years before moving to Tucson in 2003. Dr. Bhat and his wife have lived and practiced medicine in Tucson ever since. Dr. Bhat loves practicing medicine. He has great passion in delivering medical care using the latest available technology. He loves sports and plays tennis regularly. He has made a lot of friends with local tennis community. He likes to listen to Bollywood music. He loves to spend time with his family. He has a very close knit large family mostly in India, except a nephew in Australia, another in Israel and a niece in San Diego. He stays in touch with his folks constantly on WhatsApp. He is actively involved in social and cultural activities in Southern Arizona. He is multilingual, fluent in English, Hindi, Kannada and Tulu. He has maintained bilingual office staff.

Sheela Bhat, MD

Dr. Bhat is a respected and well known internal medicine doctor in Tucson with over 20 years of practice experience. Dr. Bhat was born to an Indian physician couple in 1970. She grew up in the beautiful coastal town in southern India called Puttur. She went to Kasturba Medical College in Mangalore and obtained her medical degree from Mangalore University in 1993.

After she completed her internship she worked at Father Muller’s Hospital in Mangalore as a first year post graduate resident physician in the department of medicine. In 1994 she met Murali and married him. Bhats decided to move to US to further their career in internal medicine. Dr. Bhat completed her internal medicine residency training in 2001 from the prestigious Long island College Hospital, New York. She has maintained her internal medicine board certification since. She has practiced primary care in Olean, a town in western New York before moving to Tucson in 2003. She has been living and practicing medicine in Tucson with her husband ever since. They have two sons Kaushal (2000) and Vinyas (2004) Dr. Bhat has a great personality and attribute. She has plenty of interests outside of medicine. She is actively involved in social and cultural activities in southern Arizona. She likes sewing, knitting, crocheting and interior design. She enjoys cooking various ethnic dishes. She loves dance and music and she plays “Veena”, a very special traditional south Indian string instrument. She is reasonably proficient in Indian classical vocal and classical dance known as “Bharatanatyam” Dr. Bhat is multilingual, fluent in English, Hindi, Kannada and Tulu. Dr. Bhat has maintained bilingual office staff in her practice.

Our staff and our vision

We strive for practice improvement and efficiency. We always look for better ways to serve you. We are constantly working on use of technology and workflow redesign. We are fortunate to have a group of very dedicated and friendly office staff. Our office staffs are carefully chosen for their education, training and professionalism. We place great emphasis on personal integrity and honesty. We value these attributes more than anything. Each individual is very personable and compassionate. They take great care to protect your personal and financial data. Our staff loves our patients and our patients love our staff. Within the practice, we keep an open channel of communication between management and staff. Our staff always comes up with brilliant and innovative ideas for practice improvement. We don’t wait to implement such ideas. We believe a well-compensated, happy workforce is the backbone of any successful business.