For patients who have been diagnosed with asthma, Drs. Muralikrishna Bhat and Sheela Bhat and their team of specialists can help develop a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

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When a person’s lung passages and related airways are overly sensitive, swollen or blocked by any kind of airborne particles, then that person is likely suffering from a common but serious condition called asthma.

Typical symptoms vary greatly from person to person, but the most common indicators of asthma include wheezing and coughing attacks of mild, moderate or intense severity. Shortness of breath is another symptom, along with a dry cough. Many sufferers report an itch or tightness near the front of the neck or upper chest.

Once an asthma attack begins, elevated heart rate and rapid breathing can ensue, and the skin can start to turn blue from blood oxygen deprivation. It is not uncommon for an asthma attack to turn into a life-threatening incident. Always be certain to contact medical help if you think your asthma is in danger of reaching this point.


There is no cure for asthma, but many treatment methods are quite effective at reducing symptoms and avoiding a trip to the emergency room. Many people who have lived with asthma their whole lives have learned to treat the symptoms and keep the condition from getting worse.

Steroids and other anti-inflammatory drugs can help minimize symptoms and control attacks. Patients are usually advised to closely monitor their attacks and symptoms, and to educate themselves about what causes the onset of an asthma attack.

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