For patients who have degenerative disc disease, Drs. Muralikrishna and Sheela Bhat, along with their team of specialists, can create a long-term treatment plan that fits each patient’s specific situation. It is important to keep in mind that degenerative disc deterioration occurs in almost all adults at some point, but can be very painful and serious in some cases. The condition is not technically a disease, but it is treated as one in patients who are suffering greatly from its effects.

Read more below about symptoms and treatment parameters to find out the best way to proceed if you suffer from degenerative disc disease.


The most common sufferers of degenerative disc disease are patients in their 30s or 40s, who are typically active and in otherwise good health. Look for the following symptoms to determine if you should ask your doctor about degenerative disc disease:

  • Feeling worse while sitting or standing than while running or walking
  • Pain in the spine or neck that seems to get worse when bending or lifting
  • Pain during sitting or numbness in the extremities
  • Foot drop or unusual weakness in the leg muscles
  • Pain that is especially bad while sitting

Always speak with your doctor if you develop any symptoms of degenerative disc disease. That way, a correct diagnosis can be made as early as possible and a treatment plan can be implemented.

Causes and Treatment

The primary cause of degenerative disc disease is the drying out of the discs, which is actually a natural part of aging. Daily activities, injuries and participation in certain sports can also be contributing causes.

The three most common types of treatment for degenerative disc disease include non-operative treatment of symptoms, surgery and artificial disc replacement.

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Dr. Muralikrishna Bhat and Dr. Sheela Bhat are Tucson internist with a quarter-century of experience treating degenerative disc disease and other serious conditions. If you have one or more symptoms of the malady, or if you think you might be displaying symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact Drs. Bhat’s office.