If I need my prescription renewed, when should I inform the office?

If you need your prescription renewed, please call the pharmacy you had your prescription filled at least 1 week before you run out of your medication. Your pharmacy will then contact us and get the doctor’s approval for the renewal. Then the pharmacy will alert you when it is ready for pick up. You may call us after you have called your pharmacy to let us know you have made the request with your pharmacy. If you call us first, we will ask you to call the pharmacy. The pharmacy is supposed to help you manage your prescriptions. You can also log on to your patient portal, click on “My Health,” then on “Medications” and request a refill. Please allow us at least 1 week to renew your order so it can to be refilled on time. Requests that ask us to refill your prescription in 24-48 hours may not be reviewed in time. We do not do routine medication renewal during afterhours and weekends.

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