Why can’t I discuss all my problems in just one visit?

We understand that your time is valuable and that you may have many health concerns during your visit. Because we value your time and value what you get out of your experience, we want to make sure that your health concerns receive the attention they need. As such, it is prudent and imperative that we only address your most severe, pressing, or life threatening issues. This may be one, two or three of your health concerns. You and the physician have to work together to decide what those might be. You know what is your most pressing concern (i.e., what hurts the most), your health care provider is the expert that can help you understand why one health concern might be more important than another. By focusing on your most pressing health concerns, your health care provider will have enough time to discuss with you what the health concern means, its effect on your body as a whole, treatment options, and the importance of following through on the appropriate treatment. Also, by focusing our attention on your critical health concerns, we give our other patients the same respect for their time as we have given you.

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